About Glossary

It seems like everyone has their own variance on terms that are related to the insurance claim adjusting profession.  Were trying to build a stable database of terms but haven’t decided what the best platform for that is.  Ideally, wed like for the glossary to be open-source so that people can edit, make changes, and suggestions.  For the moment, this page is somewhat messy and being run on the Glossword, an open-source PHP code platform.

In some ways it makes sense to convert this page to something within the WordPress platform, but that makes tags and other things rather difficult to navigate around.  Were still sorting out options but may also move to a Wiki based platform when time permits.

For the moment, you’re welcome to make suggestions in the comment section of this page (see below) and well moderate and update the glossary as necessary.  We expect a major change sometime toward April, 2012.  You can be notified of changes by registering on this site so that we can send you updates.  If you send us a message and ask nicely (or post on in the comments here) then we might even allow you access to modify the Glossary on on your own.

Thanks for reading!

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