Front Page Advertising from $49 Per Month! is proud to offer front page hyper-link advertising from $49/month.  We offer a Front Page, Above-The-Fold 340100 pixel space (availability limited) to businesses involved in the insurance sector.

Advertising your Insurance Claim Business on our site:

By now it should be evident that to remain competitive in the profession of insurance claim adjusting business (or other claim related business such as contracting), a significant amount of planning is necessary.  Some companies start out small with minimal budgets for advertising, others have monster advertising budgets, and others just simply stick with an inexpensive (usually free) listing in a paper catalog.  As sure as death and taxes are in life, you can count on advertising to have a positive impact in your flow of new clients.  You can also count on to have a cost-efficient and worthwhile solution to your advertising needs, some of which wont cost you anything.

Truly Free Advertising.

Our site offers a form of absolutely free advertising (it really doesnt cost you anything) that will really help your business in the long run.  If you havent already found the publish link on the menu above, then its one you might want to consider.  The Internet is an interesting place that has spawned and moved trillions of dollars throughout the world.  We help you to harness a small piece of the power the Internet has to offer by publishing your article, opinion, news, and other helpful information.

When you provide us content we permit that content to have a blurb about the author, which is a short paragraph or two explaining your experience, profession, etc.  In your blurb you can post an inbound link to your website.  Inbound links help Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines to see that your information is in more than one place throughout the world wide web.  Inbound linking has often been considered one of the most valuable factors in organic page rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which are the pages that are returned when you search for something. Organic page rank means the position your website page obtains without spending dollars on an ad campaign.

By publishing your content on this site, youll gain readership, notoriety, and in-bound links back to your website that will ultimately help boost your page rank.

Paid Advertising.

If you look over to your right, youll see a few things.  On the top are Sponsors & Ads, along with a blank space and some ads or a large block ad from Google AdSense.  This is our secondary advertising space.  We have a total of 4 ad spaces in that sidebar that are 340 x 100 pixels.  Depending on which contracts are active (at the time of your agreement to purchase ad space) we can re-arrange those ads into other configurations, including 300 x 180 (double height) and many other arrangements to suit your needs.  Two primary advertising spaces cannot currently be seen (theyre empty) and are located on the top banner of the site (just above the menu bar) and just below the menu bar above the latest story line.  The page is compressed to not show the blank advertising space on the site.  The area above the menu bar is 640 x 98.

We do accept all major credit cards and other forms of payment via postal mail or PayPal.  We allow monthly, semi-annual, and annual agreements with discounts and month-to-month advertising for a slightly higher premium.

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