Colorado House Bill 1012 Workers Compensation Surveillance

Last week, put out a request through social media to see what our viewers would be interested in reading.  Before presenting our findings on Colorado House Bill 10-1012 , it should be noted that we wrote this article as a partial opinion and offer the following basic analysis of this Colorado initiative.  We certainly hope to hear your comments on our findings.

Colorado HB 10-1012 bill is essentially an initiative to reduce or limit the surveillance conducted in Workers Compensation Claims.  The line of surveillance referred to in the bill doesn’t wholly apply to independent adjusters so much as investigators because I/As are usually employed before the evidence triggering indemnity has been set in motion.  The type of surveillance referred to in the bill is more along the lines of a preventative against fraud and the over-extension of indemnification because the types of claims in Workers Compensation are on-going.

We noted that the bills effects could be wide-spread across the insurance industry in general and made some opinion based on those conditions as well.  The sum of our facts and opinion is rather expansive and is better read in the separate parts as follows: does not support Colorado Legislation for House Bill 1012.

Denial of support for HB 1012 prevents the State from opening the flood gates for similar legislation in all insurance markets, which should be a concern to every investigator and insurer in the entire country.  Insurance and legal professionals across the nation need to send a clear message against this legislation because we need to preserve the right to gather evidence as we wish.

Insurance professionals will undoubtedly be forced to question their clients motives in an effort to avoid costly fees which start at $1,000.00 per occurance, if this bill passes.  As insurance claim experts we cannot afford to wonder if our client is wrongfully investigating a file because that is a question to be determined based on the evidence we find.

Certainly, we know of no insurance carriers that waste money investigating matters that arent relevant to their cause of preventing fraud.  We have established multiple reasons for why the legislation does not accurately realize the total risk to insurers and job market that surveillance professionals occupy and ask for your support in sending us your petition against this legislation.

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