Foreign International Insurance Claim Adjusting and Investigation

A few weeks ago we posted a short article about the earthquake that occurred in Chile. Although we may briefly cross paths with catastrophe claims and catastrophic adjusting its really beyond the scope of our intended subject matter for this website but we are interested in hearing from you about any experiences you may have had as an insurance claims professional in other countries.

As a North American based website we dont often hear about the various insurance coverages that exist beyond Inland Marine and Floater policies from global insurers. Were certainly interested in hearing about any national or regionally based Australian (we heard they recently encountered some hail) South American, European, African, Asian or Russian based Residential Property and Casualty carriers including any information about their foreign auto lines.

Of course, were venturing into some highly expansive territory because of the different international laws and courts that may or may not deal with these types of foreign countries and policies but were more than willing to make space to discuss them!

Perhaps there are three categories to break up these discussions into:

  • 1. Completely foreign policies that only exist in countries other than the U.S.
  • 2. Policies and insurance claims that originate in the U.S. and are handled in other countries
  • 3. Policies that originate overseas and arrive with a claim here in the U.S

Feel free to use the comment section below to start a discussion or make a recommendation for a certain type of page relating to international or foreign insurance claim adjusting, survey and investigation.

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