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We want your articles, opinions and publications! 

Independent-Adjuster takes our profession and that of other insurance professionals very seriously.  We think there is a genuine lack of quality opinion on the web that exhibits the skill and opinion of insurance claim professionals.  This site provides an excellent outlet for insurance claim adjusters, representatives, independent adjusters, and other claim professionals to read, post, and discuss relevant opinions of subjects related to the profession of insurance claims.  We would love to host your article discussing your experience and expertise in the insurance claims adjusting business.  We welcome controversial subject matter that challenges the reader to think.  If you are involved in any business related to insurance claims, we invite you to promote your professional experience by publishing an article on our site about this site.  Our largest interest is creating a public domain for insurance claim professionals to come and discuss current issues while preserving their reputation for fairness and impartiality.

You should read the rest of the page carefully, but if you’re returning and are ready to publish then you can skip to directions for that section at the bottom of this page.

What benefits are there to submitting content on our site?

  • Youll get a free inbound link back to your website or your company website. The more links you have from other sites with relevant content generally means the better off your site ranks organically (meaning without paying for advertisements), and that usually leads to more business.
  • We allow a blurb about the author at the beginning or end of articles you publish, which means the reader will see information about the author.  Once you publish three articles well set you up with your own authors page.  Providing valuable content means you’ll be recognized by other professionals for your value and contribution.  Being a published author is an invaluable asset to any resume and demonstrates understanding of the subject matter.
  • An opportunity to share your most complex and challenging experiences for the rest of the insurance community to view.

What kind of articles and submissions should I submit?

  • Feel free to browse around the Opinion section of this site for some examples.  Were really looking for controversial subjects because they attract the most attention, but hope to see some solutions for controversial issues or problems within the claim business.  Its okay to use traffic lead-in solutions, meaning the answer might lead the reader back to your site for contact because the solution is a trade-secret or otherwise better discussed with your client.
  • Excepts from your book, e-book, magazine, company newsletter, or publication if related to insurance claims or the law of insurance,
  • Were happy to host content from attorneys, law firms, and insurance companies, providing it is related to insurance claims.  If theres been a change in any law related to claims, were happy to post your opinion and thoughts on issues applicable to the change in law.
  • Our readers would really like to hear about independent adjusting claim procedures (such as how to write a report, scope a complex loss, etc.); insurance agent perspectives on claim handling; carrier / insurer representative and underwriter views of the claim business; attorney points of view on claim handling and insurance law; contractor views on working with insurers, adjusting companies, and adjusters; estimate software company opinion and articles.
  • Anything insurance or claim related that exhibits well-researched thoughts and provides a factual or empirical / practical basis for a deviation from the norm.

What are articles that we are not interesting in?

  • Were not really interested in news at this time unless it has to do with a change in law that is related to insurance claims, or something relative to the law in your region.  This site was practically born out of the sheer frustration of finding too many news feeds on popular claim websites that only covered the most recent accident or company promotion.  If you have a news topic that seems to be a hot topic, or a reasonably large catastrophe has recently occurred, then were more likely to consider posting an article or submission that surrounds the issue at hand.  You should consider dropping us a message (through our contact form) prior to submitting a news article.
  • You should most certainly not submit anything defamatory about other companies or other adjusters.  Our goal here is provide an outlet that exhibits the professional spirit and intelligence of the claim community.
  • No articles that solely seek to talk about how great you or your company is.  We can promise you that readers certainly arent going to be interested your ego, or the ego of your company.

Will my article be edited?  How long does it take before my article is live on the site?

  • does reserve the right to edit articles in certain circumstances.  If youre article does not need to be edited then you can expect it to be live on the site within 24-36 hours of submission.
  • If your article needs to be edited (for any reason) then we will send it back to you with the suggested edits and place a priority on publishing once a revision is received.  We reserve the right to make minor changes such as punctuation, spelling, and others changes that do not alter the intent, and then publish the article.  You will be notified of any editing performed by the site.

Im ready to publish something!

Okay, it sounds like youve worked out an article and are ready to publish.  To publish on our site you must first register through our content management system.  We may accept your first submission via e-mail but will only accept submissions from registered users on the system.

  • During the first step of registering on our site, you’ll need to make sure to select the option of publishing and reading under the select box for I am interested in.  You will see this on the registration page.  When you register for the site you’ll be automatically granted access as a subscriber, meaning well have to review your registration and grant you access as a contributor.  This change takes less than 24 hours and well notify you once its completed.  Once you’re a contributor, you’ll be able to use the sites WordPress Content Management System (CMS).
  • Once you have completed registration you’ll automatically be redirected to our login page.
  • If you’re not sure how to post in WordPress then please visit this page for help.  If you’re having a hard time figuring something out then please contact us.  It may take a short while for us to reply but we will as soon as possible.
  • That’s it!  You’ll be ready to publish shortly after registration on the site.

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