Roofing Hail Damage Contractors: Advertising as Insurance Adjusters

Our insurance claim services office has taken notice to the rapidly evolving concept that there has been an immense growth in the number of hail damage roofing and exterior structure component related businesses over the last few years.  Unfortunately we cant speak for everyone but some of our colleagues in the area contribute this increase is a direct result of population growth in Colorado over the same time line.  A quick glance on Googles Public Data chart shows a massive 5.93% population growth rate from 2005 to 2008 for Colorado, but we also note other states have seen a notable increase in contractors while population declines.  We assume Denver to be the highest concentrated advertisement area for these hail damage and roofing related businesses and note its population also grew at an astounding 5.89% for the same period.

We know that population growth was evident throughout the area but does that mean the number of roofs in the area grew so rapidly that it caused a major and rapid amplification in the number of roofing businesses?  What about the number of roofing businesses that claim to specialize in hail or wind related damages?  While were working on compiling data about the actual number of roofing related businesses (read as businesses with roofing or hail in their name), several questions remain about the legitimacy of these companies advertising themselves as insurance adjusters, experts, or having public adjusters operating out of the same offices.  Some have even gone as far to say they have independent adjusters on staff, or that they have public adjusters waiting to prove the need for their often excessive costs of $600 per square foot on regular 3 tab asphalt composition residential roofing.What do you think of these roofing related businesses? Assuming all of the damages were legitimate are the costs that some of these companies associate with them?
Have you experienced working with contractors that portray themselves as salesman? Do you think charging excessive costs for roofing constitutes some form of insurance fraud or fraudulent conduct?

Wed love to hear your input on working with these contractors and if, as an independent adjuster, you have seen your claim service time increase as a result of dealing with hostile or price gouging roof related businesses.   Leave a comment!

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